Just Add Fizz

Our Troo “Just add fizz” range; these cocktails are bursting with flavours from around the world.  They really do complete a spring/summer day…oh and an autumn/winter night! 


Each cocktail has been created by us at Troo Cocktails.  Every batch is handcrafted by us to maintain consistent, awesome drinks!  The Just add fizz range gives a longer, more refreshing, yet as great tasting as ever drink. 


For each cocktail we have a recommended mixer which we believe to be an ideal partner/pairing.  However, you may select a soda, tonic, lemonade, or prosecco/champagne to your taste, if you so wish!

Honestly, these drinks work amazingly at events…to either greet your guests on arrival, or to keep them refreshed whilst they enjoy themselves.


Each drink is once again in line with our Troo philosophies:


  • Quick and easy to pour/serve
  • Sophisticated, fresh flavours
  • Premium ingredients 
  • Absolutely delicious