Is your online payment system safe and secure?

Our entire online payment system is secured and managed by Shopify, who have supported over 1,000,000 businesses in 175 countries and have made more than $155 billion USD in transactions since its inception.

How do I know my order had gone through?

Once payment has been processed you will receive an email confirming your order.

If you think you have placed an order, but have not received an email from us, please email us to confirm we have received your order.  

What if my payment isn’t going through?

If you are having problems with your payment, then we would recommend either calling your bank to check that they haven’t temporarily blocked it or alternatively try another payment method.

When will I know my order has been shipped?

Once your order has been shipped we will send an email confirming your shipment, along with any relevant tracking details.

Can I track my order?

Yes, all orders are trackable.  We strongly recommend you register with us to make sure you can track your orders more easily. 

What can I do if my package has arrived damaged?

If there is any damage to your order when it arrives, we recommend you do not accept the delivery and check our delivery/returns policies.

There are some very small bits in my cocktail, is something wrong with it?

All of our cocktails are made with fresh ingredients.  It is possible that if left a sediment may appear, we therefore recommend that you shake the bottle well before use.

There is a slight difference in colour between the last cocktail I ordered and the one I have just received, is there something wrong?

We make our cocktails in batches and with fresh ingredients, therefore it is possible that a colour may change ever so slightly due to the natural difference in fruit, sugar, or other such ingredients. 

I have ordered and enjoyed a cocktail; can I order another?

Yes, you may!

If you have any other queries or are less than satisfied with a TROO Cocktail, then please do contact us.  Likewise, if you would like to know more about our cocktails or would like to discuss anything with our Chief Mixologist then please don’t hesitate to contact us.